Friday, September 9, 2011

Jack Daniels Sets Several Guinness World Records

In a series of promotions celebrating the 161st birthday of its founder, Jack Daniel, Jack Daniel's on  attempted to set seven Guinness World Records in one day -- and succeeded in setting six. Those records are:
  1.  Largest number of contributions to a greeting card. Jack fans worldwide sent digital birthday greetings to the whiskey icon via the brand's Facebook page. Digital greetings were transcribed and added to those collected from fans during a birthday party held in New York City. A total of 1,075 greetings were obtained.
  2.  Largest glass bottle mosaic. Using 2,120 Jack Daniel's bottles, mosaic artist Herb Williams created a large mosaic portrait of the brand's founder.
  3.  Largest whiskey bottle. The brand created a bottle containing 184 liters of Jack Daniel's.
  4.  Most bottles played (bottle orchestra). Participants used 475 Jack Daniel's bottles to play a rendition of "Happy Birthday" dedicated to Jack.
  5.  Most people blowing out candles simultaneously (250).
  6.   Fastest time to build a 20-shot-glass pyramid. Representing JD, Samantha Sherlock from Newark, Delaware constructed the pyramid in 10.56 seconds.