Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot Weather Food & Wine Pairings: White Grape Varietals

Riesling – Spicy Chinese takeout, shellfish, light pasta dishes, fruit salads, gazpacho, fried chicken, salsa & chips.

Sauvignon/Fume Blanc/Torrontes – Grilled salmon, herb crusted grilled chicken, pastas with pesto sauces, no-mayo potato salads, chicken salads.

Chenin Blanc (in Vouvray, Anjou and Savennieres) – Fried chicken, guacamole, light pasta dishes/salads.

Gewurztraminer – Sushi, roasted pork, lamb vindaloo, Indian take out,  a bowl of fresh strawberries & blueberries for desert.

Pinot Gris/ Pinot Grigio – Grilled chicken, potato salads, chicken salads, salsa, antipasto, hard cheeses.

Moscato – Shellfish, light pasta dishes, fruit salads, fried chicken, salsa & chips, mix with some mango juice for a Tropical Bellini.